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The Arab Technical Group provides innovative technologies and extraordinary solutions in the HVAC, Heating, Refrigiration, Renewable Energy, Air Purification Systems and Artificial Intelligence.
The company brings forward latest technologies and solutions helping clients live in comfort and luxury, taking into consideration providing solutions that come with sustainablity and energy saving security.


At ATG, there exsis 250 employees, utilized and acquired to provide the best solutions for your residential, commercial and industrial project.


The company thrives to give an outsanding level of services and products, randiking itself as the best Jordanian company to provide solutions equipped to suit your  ideal living condition.
In 2024, Daikin celebrates 100 years of providing air conditioning solutions with the highest qualities, and the most optimum efficiencies, to countries all around the globe.
A Glimpse Back on Daikin’s Role in HVAC History:
  • 1924 Year of establishment. Daikin put its entire focus and efforts on air conditioning solutions only.
  • In 1951, Daikin introduced Japan’s first package air conditioner.
  • 1958, Daikin introduced Japan’s first window type air conditioner with rotary compressor was Daikin.
  • 1982, Daikin invented the world’s first revolutionary VRV® system. This breakthrough made its way through the world over the years to become the world’s most efficient DX system. The hype on VRV® system led other companies to create their own versions of the system under the name “VRF System”.
  • 1999, Daikin invented the world’s first split system with humidification function; called Ururu Sarara.
  • 2012, Daikin invented the world’s first split system to adopt R-32 refrigerant.
  • 2013, Daikin invented the world’s first commercial air conditioning system to adopt R-32 refrigerant.
  • 2013, Daikin introduced the world’s first revolutionary Variable Refrigerant Temperature function for VRV IV systems.

Why Daikin?

  • Daikin leads where others follow with over 95 years dedicated for developing technologies that facilitate effective and efficient heating and cooling for your home or business. Daikin offers superior quality and durability and is a world leader in the creation of air conditioning technologies that take care of people and the planet.
  • Research And Development Daikin has invested $300 million on a Technology & Innovation Center located in Japan; which is dedicated to providing the world with latest breakthroughs in the HVACR market. Daikin promises to dedicate itself to technological excellence, design focus, and highest quality standards so that customers can trust and rely on the comfort Daikin delivers.
  • Comfort Experts Daikin’s promise is to ensure you depend on Daikin for the ultimate comfort, so you can focus on your working and home life without worrying about the indoor environment. Daikin aims to deliver added value and long-lasting relationships that are based on trust, respect, and credibility.
  • Daikin For All Your Needs Daikin has a wide range of solutions all from one supplier; ensuring a smooth operation, optimum system communication, and a single contact to servicing all your systems.
  • Environment Sustainability. Daikin’s promise to the planet is absolute. Its products are the top in low energy consumption, and are continuously developed to reduce the environmental impact of HVACR solutions even further. In addition, Daikin is the first HVACR manufacturer to achieve BES6001 certificates for Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products during manufacturing.
Refrigeration is the process of moving heat from one location to another by use of refrigerant in a closed cycle. Oil management; gas and liquid separation; subcooling, superheating, desuperheating, and piping of refrigerant liquid, gas, and two-phase flow are all part of refrigeration. Applications include residential refrigeration, commercial refrigeration, and industrial refrigeration.


  • DAIKIN has over 100 years of experience in the Refrigeration business.
  • DAIKIN can meet all refrigeration needs from farm to fork, thanks to our wide range of refrigeration products.
  • Innovative and Reliable own technology and expertise on Refrigerants, controls and compressors!
  • Your advisor for solutions to meet your needs in line with legislation (F-gas regulation, eco-design,..) and with focus on reliability, safety, Total Equivalent Warming impact and running cost.

Why DAIKIN Refrigeration Condensing Units ?

  • High energy efficiency: Thanks to Daikin DC inverter scroll compressor with economizer technology and DC inverter fan technology.
  • Reliable Operation: Thanks to the condensing units that are rigorously tested on the assembly line, with proven inverter scroll technology, and proven onboard innovating economizer technology, and an anti-corrosion treatment on the housing ensures long life even in extreme conditions.
  • Small footprint and low weight: With an extremely compact and space-saving design, easy to install, even in the smallest spaces, indoor installation possible. And best surface to capacity ration on the market.
  • Peace of mind: Daikin condensing units have quiet operation, unobtrusive for customers and They also ave high grade sound on panels and compressors., with condenser fans designed to limit the noise, and a wide temperature range allows multiple cabinets, freezer, and cold room combinations.


Zanotti is a refrigeration specialist founded in 1962. With over 50 years of experience in food storing services covering the needs of commercial and industrial refrigeration, but also the needs of the transportation of fresh and frozen products. Zanotti changed the refrigeration world from the early days with the introduction of the Uniblock, an all in one plug and play refrigeration unit for cold rooms. Today they employ more than 600 people, with three production facilities and an annual turnover of approx 130 million Euro.


  • ATG’s products are high quality, credible Brands & the leading brands in world.
  • Our product range is wide and diverse.
  • Very long experience with 100% clients’ satisfaction.
  • Technical and design know-how.
  • Technical Advise & After Sales Service.
  • Strongest technical support in the market with over 60 engineers tailoring solutions for your needs and supporting your project.
  • Over 18 highly qualified installation teams and 80 installation technicians at your full disposal.
  • Largest after sales – service department consisting of 5 engineers and over 20 qualified technicians

Sustainable Heating Systems For You

Underfloor heating is the most efficient mode of heat delivery. It is designed to give comfort at temperatures lower than those used in radiator and convector systems because people and objects are warmed directly through the floor (floor surface temperatures are generally designed to remain at or below 29°C). Temperatures can be precisely controlled on a room-by-room basis. In addition, because there are few moving parts, the only items that will ever need service are simple and inexpensive to repair or replace.


Radiation is responsible for a significant proportion of the “thermal comfort”. Underfloor heating produces radiant heat that makes you feel comfortably warm. The produced heat is divided into 50% radiation and 50% convection and this leads to better comfort.
Convector and forced air heating systems rely on air circulation for effect. The Underfloor Heating System, meanwhile, allows for natural air movement. Thus, dust and other airborne particles such as pollen are not spread so quickly through the home, making the house a healthier and cleaner place to live in.
 Meanwhile there are no radiators to gather dirt or cause injury, from scalding for example, and because the Underfloor Heating System runs quietly there are no irritating or disturbing background noises. Furthermore, because the floor surface is warm, cleaning and drying is made quick and easy, quick-drying floors being of particular benefit in bathrooms and hallways.

Single Serpentine Run

Single serpentine run is easy to install and gives a more even distribution of heat over the floor surface. Temperature variations within small areas are kept to a minimum.
The main advantage of this configuration is that it adapts to all kinds of floor structures. It can also be easily modified for different energy requirements by altering the pipe pitch.
Single run is suitable for most underfloor heating installations in residential systems. In view of the relatively narrow bend radii, the use of a very flexible pipe, such as Wirsbo-PEX, and hewing is recommended

Single Method

In 1968, German inventor Dr. Thomas Engel developed the method to chemically crosslink polyethylene, and in 1972, Wirsbo (now Uponor) introduced Engel-method PEX (called PEX-a) to the European market. Today, more than 17 billion feet of PEX is installed worldwide for heating, cooling, plumbing and fire safety systems.

Engel Method

 (PEX-a) Uponor manufactures Engel method PEX-a tubing. The PEX tubing industry considers this tubing superior because the crosslinking is done during the manufacturing process when polyethylene is in its amorphic state (above the crystalline melting point). Because of this, the degree of crosslinking reaches around 85%, resulting in a more uniform product with no weak links in the molecular chain and more durable, flexible and damage-resistant pipe with faster, stronger expansion connections that hold tight.


Why Under Floor Heating?

  • Comfort (Toasty warm feet! You can walk around barefoot all year long, making stepping out of the bath or shower heavenly!
  • Efficiency Underfloor heating is the most efficient mode of heat delivery. Floor surface temperatures are generally designed to remain at or below 29°C.
  • Flexibility It adapts to practically all kinds of flooring (With special precautions). It is easy to install and adaptable to a variety of energy sources: Heat pump, Gas, Oil, Electricity and Geothermal.
  • Environment Friendly It allows for natural air movement. Thus, dust and other airborne particles such as pollen are not spread so quickly through the home, making the house a healthier and cleaner place to live in.
  • Interior Design Freedom Underfloor Heating System is ideal for advanced interior design. It’s hidden – so it doesn’t spoil your décor or take up space with bulky radiators.
  • Multiple Control Options Multiple water and room temperature control options can be used. This reduces the amount of energy needed and leads to better efficiency.


UPONOR WIRSBO-PEX is made from a plastic raw material, High density polyethylene, which has a high molecular weight.
Thanks to the cross-linking, UPONOR WIRSBO -PEX is extraordinarily strong and can withstand temperatures ranging from -100 c to +110 c.
UPONOR WIRSBO has produced enough PEX pipes since1972 to go around the world about 50 times. Nearly all of it is still in service somewhere in the world, in plumbing, underfloor heating systems, behind washing machines, in hospitals and in countless other applications.


  • In 1972, UPONOR WIRSBO was the first to start manufacturing the unique and innovative PE-Xa pipe for heating and plumbing applications worldwide.
  • Over 49 years of successful service and installations, UPONOR PE-Xa has the longest record of proven performance in the industry.
  • Over 80 approvals and certificates worldwide.
  • UPONOR uses a special pipe for each application; underfloor heating and other heating applications, tap water applications… etc.
  • UPONOR is the only company that manufactures 5-layers PE-Xa pipe specially made for underfloor heating, with EVOH oxygen diffusion barrier and extra protective layer.

An Unlimited Source of Energy

Solar power is the key to a clean energy future. Every day, the sun gives off far more energy than we need to power everything on earth. That’s why we at ATG are investing heavily in solar plants and why we are now offering solar kits to our customers in Jordan. The renewable solar panels produce electricity by transforming the continuous flow of energy from the sun to electricity.
They are CO2-free. No harmful emissions are released into the air when electricity is produced by solar panels. Additionally, the photovoltaic process has low operating costs. It transforms sunlight into electricity doesn’t require any fuel and has no variable costs.

ATG and Photovoltaic Energy

ATG’s photovoltaic energy solutions has been operating in Jordan since 2014. We guarantee the best high-quality product in the market, very efficient and qualified staff, extraordinary after sales services
ATG installed more than 500 successful PV projects in Jordan, with a capacity of  15+ Megawatt.

About JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd

JinkoSolar (NYSE: JKS) is one of the largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers in the world.
 JinkoSolar distribute their solar products and sell its solutions and services to a diversified international utility, commercial and residential customer base in China, the United States, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, Chile, South Africa, India, Mexico, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, and other countries and regions.
 JinkoSolar has built a vertically integrated solar product value chain, with an integrated annual capacity of 11.5 GW for mono wafers, 10.6 GW for solar cells, and 16 GW.

Why Jinko?

Jinko Solar, is ranked as a top solar brand in debt-financed projects, and was named the most “bankable” PV manufacturer by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) among 52 module brands. The rankings are based on BNEF’s global survey to key PV stakeholders on which module brands used in projects are most likely to obtain non-recourse debt financing from commercial banks.
  • Durability The quality of the back sheet used on solar modules is a significant factor in how long modules last. The back sheet prevents air and moisture ingress, which causes solar modules to fail prematurely. Jinko use a Tedlar back sheet which has been demonstrated by DuPont to last for more than 30 years. Please refer to the attached report for further details.
  • Materials Matter Jinko’s solar cells are 5% thinker than other major competing products providing improved mechanical strength to avoid micro cracks during transportation and installation.
  • Quality Jinko Solar has successfully completed the Positive Quality continuous quality assurance program conducted by the Australian Solar Council.
  • Reliability Jinko solar modules have been independently tested for reliability by DNV GL in 2017 and found to be a top performer in all tests.
  • Performance Choice Magazine in conjunction with CSIRO performed testing on various solar modules in Australia with Jinko solar modules outperforming other manufacturers. They achieved the highest overall score of 91%. Tests were conducted by CSIRO through 2016-17 in Newcastle.
  • Warranty Jinko solar provide a Product Warranty of 10 years and a linear Power Warranty of 25 years. A linear power warranty provides warranty for higher levels of performance throughout the warranty period than standard 2-stage warranties.

The Technology of Hechert Solar! Better and Better

Heckert Solar consistently rely on the advantages of the latest technologies and clever ideas. Every module impresses with its extremely high efficiency – and can be installed as quickly and easily.
Heckert Solar have developed their own hollow chamber profile for the particularly torsion-resistant frame and the high-tech aluminum alloy survives many, many summers and winters.
Heckert Solar reliably combine the frame and laminate with innovative adhesive technology. Together with the highly transparent, hardened ESG solar glass, they guarantee you a resilience that goes far beyond the usual. modules.

KACO Inverters New Energy!

 As a medium-sized company with dedication and a passion for research, KACO stands for high quality engineering skills in the field of independent and decentralized energy supply.
KACO’s inverters are designed to support the use of renewable energies as well as efficient energy management throughout the world. They implement projects with quality and commitment and develop the “made in Germany” products continuously.
String inverters from KACO new energy are the busy bees of decentralized solar power plants: large enough to keep installation and maintenance manageable; small enough to avoid costly yield losses.
A wide range of services round off KACO’s inverter program and make the entire product life cycle a walk in the park – anywhere in the world.

Inverters for Commercial and Industrial PV

Saving energy costs and reduces the CO2 footprint. They are important issues for companies, through three effective ways to achieve more energy efficiency: Generating and consuming renewable energy with a low-maintenance solar PV plant – Integrating a battery storage system, for example to perform peak shaving – Reducing the need for expensive reactive power. Last but not least, KACO new energy supplies the right inverters for any and all of these measures.

Inverters for Residential Solar PV  

The best idea for the private energy transition is a solar PV plant: Inverters from KACO new energy supply the appliances in homes with clean energy from one’s own rooftop power plant. This reduces the amount of electricity that homeowners are charged by the energy provider. Surplus solar energy can either be fed into the public grid, which is often being remunerated, or temporarily stored with the help of our hybrid inverter – to charge electric cars after sundown, for example.
With more than 45 years of experience in indoor pool dehumidification equipment manufacturing, we bring to you PoolPak® as the most well-known brand in the industry. Their  people and products work daily to improve the quality and comfort of indoor pool environments, bringing dehumidification solutions that include a variety of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, in addition to an industry-leading support network.
Pool Pak™ International manufactures a full line of dehumidification systems designed for indoor pool applications. These high-performance units are the systems of choice of architects and design engineers because of their efficient operation, excellent performance and long-life construction.


A Leader in Providing Indoor Pool Dehumidification PoolPak® is recognized as a leading brand of dehumidification systems for large athletic pools, natatoriums in schools and universities, commercial pools and hotel/motel leisure pools. Our Proven Approach to dehumidification is your best assurance for optimum space and water conditions while keeping operating cost low through recycled energy.
PoolPak® dehumidification equipment is built for the corrosive indoor pool environment with features like copper coil construction, key components located out of the corrosive air stream and a durable finish. The control system was developed by PoolPak® specifically for their equipment, and will monitor and control the pool environment locally or at any location with access to the internet.
PoolPak® understands the pool environment and the impact on that space through seasonal changes, geographic location and pool activity. There is no one type of dehumidification system for every pool, and PoolPak® will assist you in selecting a unit matched for your application. That is your best assurance of maintaining maximum occupant comfort at the lowest first cost and ongoing operational cost.
In addition to our refrigeration-based equipment that recycles energy to heat the pool water and air, PoolPak® added the ClimatePak® VHR (Ventilation Heat Recovery) to its complete line of dehumidification products. The ClimatePak® is a dehumidification unit that does not utilize a refrigeration system but rather takes advantage of the naturally dry outside air for moisture removal.
Developing Efficient Technology for a Changing World PoolPak® believes purchasing capital equipment today should take more into account than what is currently available at this moment in time. When you consider a PoolPak® dehumidifier can last 20 years and longer, you need to think about the needs of tomorrow and the impact it can have on sustainability and equipment performance!
PoolPak® designs and builds its dehumidification equipment with an emphasis on the future. Our engineers explore every aspect from component location to control strategies to maximize performance and long unit life. We use components that measure up to our high standards for efficiency while delivering unfailing occupant comfort. Compare PoolPak®’s many enhanced features and you’ll know why we are the dehumidification equipment of choice yesterday, today and for the future!
A Long History of Growth The PoolPak® dehumidification technology was developed in 1970 by York International Corporation (now Johnson Controls), a manufacturer of HVAC products. York International spun off the PoolPak® line to its current owners in 1986. It is now the second leading manufacturer in North America. The company has expanded into the international market with 15 percent of its revenues coming from international sales.
PoolPak® implemented manufacturing over a decade ago and currently utilizes enterprise resource planning (ERP), 3D solid modeling CAD software and in-house CNC machinery to maintain its stellar on-time delivery performance of nearly 100 percent.

Air Purification Solutions

From small heat recovery systems to large-scale air handling units, Daikin provides a variety of ventilation solutions to deliver a fresh, healthy and comfortable environment for residential, commercial and industrial spaces.

Delivering Fresh and Clean Air

While the airtight infrastructure of today’s modern buildings guarantee superior insulation and energy efficiency, it also means there can be a lack of fresh air, which can cause humidity, microbes and allergens to accumulate. To solve this issue, Daikin offers a variety of ventilation solutions to provide fresh and clean air in the most efficient way.


To achieve optimal ventilation, Daikin maintains the highest standards of energy efficiency and flexibility to deliver the best indoor air quality. To attain clean indoor air, Daikin ensures its ventilation products are seamlessly integrated in a total heat pump solution. This means we reduce the number of individual systems and independent suppliers to deliver one complete HVAC system.

Creating the Perfect Indoor Climate

There are 5 main components to consider when measuring the quality of indoor air and controlling it using our range of ventilation solutions.
  • Ventilation: ensures the provision of fresh air
  • Energy recovery: recovers heat and moisture from outgoing air to maximise comfort and efficiency
  • Air processing: heats or cools incoming fresh air to maximise comfort and minimise the load on the air conditioning installation
  • Humidification: optimises the balance between indoor and outdoor humidity
  • Filtration: removes dust, pollution and odours from the air



Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Chosen by TIME magazine as one of the best inventions of 2020 in Artificial Intelligence, BrainBox AI technology marks a new era in building automation.
BrainBox AI service utilizes self-adapting artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to proactively optimize the energy consumption of one of the largest climate change contributors: Buildings.
The values created are up to 25% reduction in energy cost, 20-40% decrease in carbon footprint, and 60% increase in occupancy comfort. The service takes a maximum of 3 hours to install, and the positive cash flow to be noticed within the third month of installation.


How it works

The AI engine switch the building from Reactive to Pre-emptive; allowing buildings to be self-operated without the need for a human interaction. BrainBox AI can autonomously optimize existing Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) control systems for maximum impact on energy consumption.



Once the BrainBox AI device is connected to the Building Management System (BMS), the AI will start reading the building’s operating behavior and start giving operating predictions. These predictions will then be compared to real life operating values to create a unique energy efficiency profile for every building. The BrainBox AI learning period takes around 6-8 weeks before the autonomous mode starts and the savings are demonstrated.
Contact us to learn more about BrainBox AI.

Our Brands

ATG takes pride in offering a wide range of world-renowned brands in its strategically located showroom within the heart of Amman.

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